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 Pag 17 by UchihaUzumaki-Sasuki Pag 17 by UchihaUzumaki-Sasuki
Pag 8 by UchihaUzumaki-SasukiPag 8 by UchihaUzumaki-Sasuki
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158 deviations
 Pag 17 by UchihaUzumaki-Sasuki :iconuchihauzumaki-sasuki: UchihaUzumaki-Sasuki
Pag 8 by UchihaUzumaki-Sasuki :iconuchihauzumaki-sasuki: UchihaUzumaki-Sasuki
Page 3 by UchihaUzumaki-Sasuki :iconuchihauzumaki-sasuki: UchihaUzumaki-Sasuki
Page 0 by UchihaUzumaki-Sasuki :iconuchihauzumaki-sasuki: UchihaUzumaki-Sasuki
Hinata - B and W by UchihaUzumaki-Sasuki :iconuchihauzumaki-sasuki: UchihaUzumaki-Sasuki
.Sai. by PunkArtist99 :iconpunkartist99: PunkArtist99
Dragons and fantasy
59 deviations
naruto by ololoj :iconololoj: ololoj
Research Subject #9 Shuuichi (Unleashed/Incognito) by Tepheris
Research Subject #9 Shuuichi (Unleashed/Incognito)
:iconyouareplz::iconallowedplz: :iconfavcompliment1::iconfavcompliment2:
“Minato-kun, please don’t tell me you’re going to use that Jutsu to seal the Kyuubi. To give your life is bad enough, but to give your soul…” Jiraiya said with a pleading tone. Having Minato refuse to let him or Sarutobi-sensei give up their life to seal the demon was hard enough to swallow, but to think that Minato would never find peace in the afterlife was heart rending.

“Honestly, I feared that I would have to resort to the Shiki Fuuin. But with you, Sandaime-sama, and Orochimaru-san here, there’s a Jutsu that I can use if I open all the Celestial Gates and you all spend an A-Rank Jutsu worth of chakra while performing the ceremony.” Namikaze Minato said with a sad smile.

“Just tell us how. It’s the very least we could do.” Jiraiya said, echoing the sentiments of Sarutobi Hiruzen. Orochimaru, while not willing to give his life up in Minato’s place, wasn’t the type of depraved individual who would disrespect the dying wishes of a comrade in arms… as long as that goal didn’t conflict with the Snake Sannin’s plans. Orochimaru helped out with the sealing because if Namikaze had proceeded with the Shiki Fuuin, the chances of successfully using the Edo Tensei to bring him back would drastically decrease.

The three S-Ranked and one SS-Ranked ninja were joined by a handful of remaining ANBU and jounin ninja who were accomplished enough in fuuinjutsu to be able to produce more than the standard seals joined in sealing the Kyuubi no Youko. Kurama continued to look as if he was resisting so that the ninja of Konoha wouldn’t notice what he was devoting six tails-worth of power to one of the plans the bijuu had devised over the decades of being sealed.

’BANBUTSU SOUZOU!’ the mightiest of the tailed beasts mentally crowed, ecstatic that the humans had given him enough time to mentally cast his own version of the very ninjutsu that the Rokudo Sennin had used to create himself and the bijuu. Just as Kurama felt the familiar tug of being sealed, the nine-tailed fox permitted himself to smile as his creation snuck past the notice of any ninja that could have put a premature end to the plans of the Kyuubi no Youko. ‘Though you may only have chakra reserves comparable to little Shukaku without the perks of controlling sand, I can rest a little easier knowing that my own progeny will be keeping an eye on these meddling humans while I remain sealed. Your name shall be… Shuuichi.’

(A/N: Continuing the tradition of Kishimoto stealing the name for the Kyuubi no Youko from Yu Yu Hakusho, I’m going to name this OC after the human alias of Kurama, Minamino Shuuichi.)
Research Subject #9 Pt I: Shikamaru by Tepheris
Research Subject #9 Pt I: Shikamaru
Even though in Research Subject #9 Shikamaru is more motivated than in canon, he's still more intellectual than physical. But he wouldn't be able to wield dynamite as an effective weapon if not for his improved conditioning. Now the #1 At Running Away has his title for a more respectable reason: he has to run away from his own attacks!
Chakra Generator Seal V1.0 by Tepheris
Chakra Generator Seal V1.0
My attempt at a Naruto seal.
振興 reenergize
置換 replace
代謝 replace
添補 fill (up)/replenish
補充 to replenish/to supplement
整治 to restore/to repair
中興 resurgence/recovery/restoration
再造 recycle/restoration/reconstruct
規復 to restore
修復 restoration
恢復 to recover/to restore
歸還 guīhuán to return sth / to revert

Time to see if Lenom is a… um, what to call him? He's masculine, but would Gary Stu be the right term? What do you call an over-powered plant? Geranium Stu? But let's take it one step farther. Is Lenom an Anti-Sue? Anyways, let's check out.

Trait 1: Overall Beauty: MS/GS are generally described as having perfect bodies and a generally gorgeous appearance. While its not the worst MS/GS quality, it is unrealistic for someone to look that beautiful. MS, in most cases, have insanely large and seriously unrealistic breasts.
           Verdict:  I'm going off on a limb and say that green skin, bark sideburns, and leaves for hair isn't that attractive. On the other hand, he's got the build that you'd expect from a Dragonball martial artist.

Trait 2: Relation to a Canon Character: A lot of people consider having a character related to a canon character is a MS/GS quality. But, it depends on the context/ success/ immersion of your character. Brother/Sister/Cousins are fine, but avoid identical long lost twins because that is a HUGE MS/GS trait.
           Verdict: Hmm, no real problem there. I guess the closest thing you could relate Lenom to would be Cell, given Lenom's ability to gain the traits of plant species he ingests and mix them together (i.e. Lenom eats a Senzu bean and some bamboo sprouts. Suddenly Senzu beans grow at a rate of 4 feet a day!)

Trait 3: Relationships with other characters: MS/GS get along with almost EVERYONE. Not everyone gets along with everyone. Its only natural that there are conflicting personalities. The characters shouldn't agree with everything your character says and does. It's realistic.
           Verdict: ALERT! ANTI-STU QUALITY CONFIRMED. Lenom doesn't get along with anyone at first. He dislikes those who don't conduct photosynthesis for sustenance. 

Trait 4: Spotlight: MS/GS have the spotlight on them. ALL. THE. TIME. There are other characters who deserve to have the spotlight as well! Even if the story is about your character, there has to be focus on other characters too. It's not all about the MS/GS.
           Verdict: If anything, he's closer to an Anti-Stu. Sure, his special techniques are second to none. But with a base power level of 97,000, he'd have the most impact on a plot if he handed out Senzu Beans or if trained Yamcha, Mr. Only Wins Battles in DBZ Filler, than if he was on the front lines. So paradoxically have more of an impact OFFSCREEN than on screen. But that doesn't mean he'd be a pushover. 
If it came to a Beam Struggle, no one is going to beat Lenom. 

Trait 5: I'm Absolutely Flawless!: MS/GS are perfect in every possible way. The argument that they are a fictional character and should therefore be perfect is no excuse. Everything they do is flawless and they suffer no negative repercussion or consequence for their actions in any way, whatsoever.

Once again, that is unrealistic. People have flaws! Everyone has flaws and makes mistakes! And no, clumsiness is not a flaw, its a quirk. Flaws are what makes us learn from things like our own mistakes - or maybe other people's mistakes - and help us grow as individuals, something even fictional characters should emulate. Mistakes are part of growing up and developing. That's why it's called character development!
           Verdict: Lenom makes plenty of mistakes. His mistake in using Stardust Fusillade for the first time blew up his whole solar system. He's sour and bitter and doesn't get friendly with people unless they put up with all of the crap he dishes out. He's a hermit and doesn't take an interest in things that don't have a direct impact in him.

Trait 6: 100% Chance of Success: The MS/GS is capable of executing everything to utmost perfection. Nobody is perfect. Failure happens, so play around with how it affects your character.

An example is Tex from Red vs. Blue. Tex, despite being skilled and powerful, is doomed to fail no matter how hard she tries. This makes her less of a MS. That, and that most of the other freelancers are almost as bad ass as her.
           Verdict: No problem here. Lenom isn't going to win much fights at all if his opponents fight at a level of Super Saiyan II or above. But on the other hand, he isn't going to LOOSE many fights either.

Trait 7: Romance: Who loves MS/GS? EVERYONE! MS seem to attract the attention of EVERY male character, while GS attract EVERY female character, even if they have vastly different personalities and don't make sense being together. This is usually a wish fulfillment fantasy on the part of the author, typically with characters made to portray the author with the character the author likes most. A love triangle is also common in this.

How does the romance usually start? Well, it usually doesn't at all. The love interest(s) just SEE the MS/GS and BOOM! They fall in love instantly. No, not a little crush or just seeing a pretty girl. FULL adoration and love. No build up at all. And most times it occurs between two characters with no substance for actual relationships. 

Like in real life, relationships take time to build. And they're not perfect. Friction/tension happens. Love is never instant.
           Verdict: Once again, closer to an anti-sue. He's just not interested in relationships.

Trait 8: MS/GS is actually me: In most cases, a MS/GS is an embodiment of the author for "wish fulfillment" purposes. While basing your first character on your personality is ok, if you're not careful, the story might end up becoming a huge emotional diary entry about your life.
           Verdict: Not the case. While I'm not very social, I don't actively try to drive people away like Lenom. I'd like to be a master martial artist, but what's the point if I had even less of a social life than I currently do?

Trait 9: The Power Level... ITS OVER 9000!: The character has all the power in the world and is far more powerful than the series main protagonist and sometimes all the main characters combined. Nothing can defeat them.
           Verdict: Almost an Anti-Sue here. Having a base power level under Captian Ginyu isn't a drop in the bucket when the power of a Super Saiyan has become something kids not even ten years old obtain. But on the other hand, even Beerus couldn't afford to just let Lenom get a free hit in.

Final Analysis
Geranium Stu: 0/9
Anti-Stu: 1/9
Hey everyone, to anyone who cares, I thought I'd give you all a notice on what's on my to-do list. Bad news is that I am afraid that the SSW2 Lenom & Sunto vs FPSSJ III Dajjal has been placed on hold indefinitely. I thought that turning LSW Broly into SSJ III Dajjal was difficult, but to do it with Supersonic Warriors 2 Broly? :shudder:
Anyways, I would have to do something even more complex in putting SSW2 Trunks' footwear onto SSW2 Vegeta's body. Maybe in the future I will finish it up, but first I have two other projects I'd like to announce. The first is :iconvegetagrinplz: Reads Journey to the West, where Vegeta gives an argument why he should be the main character of Dragonball.
The next is a fanfic that combines three separate ideas for fanfics (one where Cooler works with the Z-Fighters to take over the PTO, a Tien-centered fanfic, and one that would have been titled 'Namek Ascendency'). I'll call it, Crane and Slug.



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